Pat Hargreaves is a little known Singer-Songwriter from New Zealand. He grew up in the heartland of the North Island and began playing and writing songs after meticulously restoring an old guitar he found in the attic of his parents home.

In the summer of the mid 90’s he moved to the Scottish South Island town of Dunedin, which produced highly acclaimed Indie artists such as The Chills, The Clean, Straight Jacket Fits and The Verlaines. Here he spent almost a decade writing and performing music and established himself in the underground music scene. After winning a songwriting competition with a composition he wrote two days beforehand, he made several appearances in renowned venues of the city.

By this time it was 2003, and Pat moved with his whole kit and caboodle to Switzerland, where he promptly joined the Indie Rock band Valium 21. He simultaneously began work on his first debut album “Sequestered Luminosities”, which is an assortment of songs that he gradually collected during his time in Dunedin.

Pat originally comes from the Singer-Songwriter-Corner, but he has grown with his music over the years and now pushes effortlessly into Pop/Rock regions. Pat’s music is maybe best described as “a soundtrack to an Art-house movie”.

While he described his first Album “Sequestered Luminosities“, (2005) as a collection of melodic and melancholic songs that reflect the depth and non-chalance of the universe”, his brand new Album, Shipwrecked Shoes (2012), contains more varied tones. The heavy sweetness of the previous album has been thrown off and leaves place for faster paced and more rock orientated tracks.  While the occasional  track seems to hark back to the previous album, Shipwrecked Shoes is in reality, its own Beast.

Since the end of Pat’s thoroughly enjoyable Swiss Shipwrecked Shoes tour, Pat has been busy working on new material for his concept EP, “Delilah, you are Wilderness my Child”. The concept EP will be a collection of 5 songs that tell the tale of Delilah, a poor girl from a difficult background who escapes her old life and sets out to start life anew. Pat wants to make this EP special, and so in addition to the EP, he is also making a movie where the music will serve as a sound track. He is also recruiting new musicians to join him on his new endeavor.

In addition to his solo career, Pat is also the singer and guitarist in the Indie-Rock (and more recently Acoustic) band “There Will Be Lions”.

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