2018 – Year of the Cigar smoking Whisky drinking Dragon-Lion.

So it looks like it’s my year, I better make the most of it. The EP’s out and I’ve been playing some gigs here and there and getting some nice feedback. Thanks to all who come and chat with me after the gigs!

I’m still trying to organise a few more gigs and also working on a few new songs too.

New Concept EP in the making – “Delilah, you are wilderness my child”

So, I’m currently writing some new song material for a concept EP. Oooooo. Five  songs that delve into the world of Delilah, a girl from the deep south who runs away from her violent family to start a new life for herself on the northern Prairie. It’s the story of her escape and her lovers enduring search for her.

I like concept albums, and I miss them in the world of music. I miss the way music used to be made and sold. Certain songs belong together and should be heard together. This is my first attempt at a concept work, but am happy how the whole piece is taking shape.I have the workings of the first four songs already and was doodling around with another one just the other day. I like doodling. It’s the easiest part of song writing.

Current songs include:
Delilah, you are wilderness my child
A better view
The Moon told me go Home
The Changing
………………………… more still to come

Hopefully the whole project will bear fruits around the mid of 2015. That would be lovely.

Posted on 09.01.2015


Shipwrecked Shoes Album Sal
es break the 100 Mark!!

Yay!! I finally broke the 100 Mark on my Physical Album sales!!  That means there are now 100 people (actually 101 people) with my Album on their shelves. That’s a nice feeling!

Actually there are more than 101 people with a copy as I have gained a habit of giving away several copies of my Album at each concert (hint, hint, come to one of my concerts and you might just get a free copy!), but 101 is the official physical sales tally.

I sincerely hope that everyone who has a either bought a copy, or received a free copy is very happy with it. I know I am, but I am biased. I must admit however that after playing some 20 odd shows since the release of my album, some songs have taken on a new life and have even subtly mutated (for the better). If I had to record them again, they would probably sound a bit different.

Looking back on the last year and the performces I have given, I have gained a firm belief that 50% of a good show is the music itself and the other 50% is the delivery. I realised this fairly early on and quickly resolved to allow each song to possess me, take hold of me, and take me in which ever direction it pleased. Music is not only a sound, but also the taste of sweat dripping onto your lips and the rasping of your throat as you scream out your lines and beat upon your guitar. At least that’s what I believe.

For those who try and catch a show later in the year (I’m taking a short break during and after the birth of my second child at the end of April) will be rewarded with some experimental and raw emotional song pieces (think looper, slide guitar, screaming vocals). Over the next months before my second child arrives I will be busy writing some new pieces that I hope to further shape during concerts later in the year. In this regard, I’m sure no two performances will be the same.  I hope to see you at a show and have a chat. Come and talk to me, I’m a pretty friendly and humble guy.

Posted on 22.01.2013

 Exit Music – The long lost review from Aug 2012
I just discovered this wonderful review of my new album from the Swiss Online Music Magazine “Exit Music”. It goes a little something like this:

Who doesn’t know the feeling to be overcome by a massive wave of emotion? Who doesn’t know the feeling of helplessness, like a fish out of water? Pat Hargreaves dives into these thoughts in “Shipwrecked Shoes”. The wave washes me up onto a deserted beach and then flows back leaving me stranded.

Pat Hargreaves is a New Zealand Singer-Songwriter who with simple guitar sounds, stirring lyrics and an intoxicating voice, manages to rouse the deepest emotions of the listener. His second album is proof of his versatility, while Side A contains a collection of calm reflective songs, Side B is the complete opposite. And it’s exactly this mixture that makes “Shipwrecked Shoes” worth a closer listen.

From the first moment, Side A reminds you of old times, when on a warm summer night you would sit with your friends around a campfire and someone would grab a guitar and play. It’s precisely these feelings that are conveyed in “In my Genes”, “Brightly Shining Stars” and “I Set my Sail”. They are not to heavy, brooding or sad. Incidentally, “Dressed for the World” contains two songs. The first ends after a good six minutes and then remains silent, until suddenly at the ninth minute a new song begins. So don’t simply turn of your player, the second song is worth the wait.

You can read the original review (DE) here: EXIT MUSIC REVIEW

Posted on 08.01.2013

Café Nasobem – Potzdonnschtig
Cool, played a nice little gig in Café Nasobem last night and enjoyed it very much. For those of you who don’t know Café Nasobem, it’s essentially a bookshop, that provides food and drinks (beer included), has ping-pong in the basement (according to the arrowed-sign) and has concerts in the middle of the bookshop every Thursday for an event called Potzdonnschtig. Although it was not a massive turn out (6 people + 1 drunk guy at the end), all the people who did come, really enjoyed it (even the drunken guy). Funny guy….he actually made for an interesting side to the show; he came in, sat down at the first table he could make it to and immediately requested a Bob Dylan song. When I told him I didn’t know any, he said “but they only have two chords!”  “Fair enough”, I said, “but I don’t know which two!”  At that point he offered me a beer and turned around to remark “Hey, this restaurant is full of books!”  I then couldn’t help but remark, “yeah, it’s more like a bookshop!” I must say he took everything quite well in jest and was even polite enough to keep his requests and comments to between the songs. Anyway, as far as locations for Singer Songwriters go, it’s a must on the circuit. Very nice atmosphere, attentive listeners and Kristina and the team from Nasobem will keep you happy. By the way, according to Kristina, the drunken dude just lives around the corner, so he might turn up at future shows. So say hi from me. Cheers. p.s. thanks also to everyone who bought my albums last night. Hope you enjoy them.

Posted on 12.10.2012

Summer Break, Gigs + The Voice of Switzerland
So I’ve had a relaxing Summer break and had time to clear my head in the Swiss Alps. Started making a few plans for some Autumn / Winter gigs and have already got some confirmed dates in Basel and Zürich.
Funny, a week ago I was contacted by “The Voice of Switzerland” to ask whether I was interested in sending an application. I thought about it for a while, not really sure what to do, but flattered by the offer, in the end I couldn’t refuse. I filled out the 100 stupid questions, attached my mug-shot and a sample of a song, so they can tell whether I can really sing or not. A couple of days later I got an invitation to the Pre-audition to Zürich, and 100 more questions to fill out, including a list of song I want to perform. I had to choose 3 songs to sing at the Pre-audition next week. I chose one of my own songs, I Set my Sail, plus Lonely Boy from the Black Keys and One night on Earth from the Veils. Not sure what to expect for the Pre-audition, not sure how the pianist should recreate the songs….maybe I will just sing the songs without backing. Lets see.

Posted on 17.08.2012

Pat Hargreaves Vs. the European Championship (EM)!
So that was it! I had my last show at Bar Rossi (Zürich) last night, which ended the first half of my Tour. I had to compete with the Spanish / Irish EM match and was severely beaten to a pulp. The Bar remained pretty empty as the TV viewers on the footpath outside the Bar heaved and sweated with excitement. I’m sooo glad a few friends turned up to make some noise for me. Thanks guys! Anyway I played my heart out and it was a good show, albeit a bit hectic…….Due to the EM I had to delay my concert start until half-time, which means I combined my two sets into one and crammed as many songs into the hour as I could before I had to catch a bus. The timing was impeccable and I finished my set, packed by bags, said goodnight to my friends, got the money from the Kollekte and rushed into the street to catch my bus to the HB. Was a bit stressful, but I enjoyed playing there immensely. The sound and support was great, the pasta I had for dinner was excellent and since I was taking the train and not the car, it was a chance to have a few beers for a change. Phew, now it’s time to kick back and relax….just one more gig at the Krippe tomorrow and I’m free….free I tell you!! Wish you all a nice Summer and I’ll be back soon!

Posted on 15.06.2012

The latest latest….ok enough with the useless titles…..TeleBar!
So I made by TV debut last night on Telebar! I didn’t fall of my chair, so I consider it a success! I guess I will make the interview available on my website soon in case anyone should have interest. Funnily enough, my 15 month old daughter even recognised me on TV and seemed a bit miffed as to why I was stuck in a grey box!

Posted on 13.06.2012

The Latest! (This title surely wont date!)
So what else……I recently played a few nice gigs in and around Basel. I saw that I was the Geheimtipp (secret tip) at Carambolage, thanks guys, and had a blast at Corbeau Chäller in Witterswil. I Actually thought Witterswil was in Canton Baselland, but realised it was Solothurn when I drove there. No worries at least I’ve check off another Swiss Canton! Ha, only 23 to go!  I also played a unplugged session at Au Quatrieme in Basel (with Anna Aaron as a zuschauer [part of the audience]). Very nice place. Mr. “T” (not the same guy from the A-Team) opens his home and his heart to his friends twice a week (at least!) for a film on Thursday night and live music on Saturday night. If the world had more people like Mr. “T” in it, then we would all be sweet.

In the meantime Radio Stadtfilter of Winterthur have informed me they will play Sea Song. Great stuff. Thanks guys.

I’m currently trying to plan the second half of my tour of Switzerland. Looking to hit Zuerich again and also hopefully Bern and Baden. Of course I’m always happy to play anywhere, and I actually met a couple of Irish lasses at Corbeau, that might try and organise something extra for me in the region of Baden. Thanks June and Fionneula! Even have to play for my daughter’s Krippe in June. That should be quite different from the other gigs I’ve played so far. But until then I now have a little break from playing as my event at The Festival der Kulturen was cancelled :  (  Oh well, shit happens.  :  )

Posted on 16.05.2012

MySpace is Dead! Long Live my Homepage and Mx3!
YAY!! Just cancelled my MySpace account!! See you later Justin Timberlake. Good luck. Bon Voyage on the sinking ship of discovery!
My homepage and Mx3 now rule the roost.
Apparently have to give them 48 hours to clear up the mess. After that, don’t bother checking.

Posted on 04.05.12

Goodnews, goodnews, I like goodnews!!
So I woke up to some good news today… of my songs (Feelin’ Free) has been added to the Radio DRS Virus playlist! Yeah! Like that! Hopefully it’s being played throughout the day and is not only keeping tired truck drivers company during the night : ) Anyway, a bit of a step up for little ‘ol me. Merci DRS Virus!

Posted on 25.04.12

My first gig in Basel…….a game of two halves
After having already played three gigs in Zürich, I finally played my first gig in my home town Basel! Carambolage was the place to be and it was as a nice evening spent with some supportive friends, some local Carambolager’s and a few (although still too many) rowdy-drukards thrown into the mix. The booze-hounds were however persuaded to leave at halftime and I could get on with a more productive show :  ) Was a nice gig altogether though. Also I’ve found my ultimate stage Rocketfuel. I found that by alternating Cola and beer I could get a nice buzz, but still manage to hold the songs together. A nice discovery. I also had no hang over in the morning! Bonus. I have another gig in two Saturday’s just around the corner at Au Quatrieme, which I am very much looking forward to……have a few songs to polish a bit, but still have plenty of time ;  )…..I say that now, ha…

Posted on 23.04.12

Die Schneiderei
On a cold and rainy night last Thursday I played a nice Couch-Musik gig in Zuerich. A very cosy place called Die Schneiderei. It’s actually situated directly above a Kebap shop which is convenient when leaving in a drunken state at the end of the night. I’m sure they sell a 1000 kebaps between 11pm and 1 am. I had to run for a train, so I was not one of the 1000 : (   Anyway, nice little place, it was like playing guitar in my own house…….except with strange people in it. During the middle of my performance I was attacked by the shade of a rogue standing lamp, but I managed to beat it off with my guitar and continued on with my song. I don’t think anyone noticed….much. I’m a pretty subtle guy.

Posted on 13.04.12


I have lots of news, because my website is brand new!!! 

Which also means….I can Kill my MyShite Site!! Yay!! Gone are the hours of shitting around with an interface that doesn’t work properly and when it does, nobody looks at. Yay! Oh happy day!

So far the Shipwrecked Shoes Tour / Campaign has begun in a stunning fashion. Played a few weeks ago at Kafi FuerDich (a wonderful little cafe in Kreis 4 of Zuerich) and got offered a free day of recording by a Mr. Nigel Hilbourne, an English recording producer based in zuerich. So I’m off to Zuerich in the next days to finish of a song that didn’t quite make it to the latest Album. Well, lets see what happens, in anycase I’m looking forward to the experience! Worked out a rough bass line the other night. Sounding good.

What else…
oh, after sending 50+ copies of my new Album to various corners of Europe, i have managed to wrangle a write up from the Journal de Balé and……..and an 8 minute interview on Tele Basel! TV fame here I come! Actually I’m a bit worried about that one, I’ll have to speak Germ-lish I guess. Funny, I guess I shouldn’t have sent it to a local TV station if I didn’t want to be on TV, but I never thought they would reply. There you go… I’m shit-scared. Excellent. Lets see, each person gets 15 minutes of fame, 15 – 8  = 7 minutes of fame left for the rest of my life. I’ll have to spread it out from now on.

and….well, I  got a a bunch of rejection emails from Labels (it hurts less than a real rejection letter), which was to be expected. “Unfortunately we are not signing new Artists right now”. OK, guess that’s a standard response….copy / paste. Dear Mr. ——– Unfortunately we are not signing new Artists now. Anyway, I’m not surprised, and there is no love lost. It was worth a shot anywho. I’m still in the running with Ikarus Records, an innovative band collective / label from Switzerland.


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