Music Review from Exit Music

Wonderful, I just discovered a nice review of my new album from the Swiss Online Music Magazine “Exit Music”. It goes a little something like this:

Who doesn’t know the feeling to be overcome by a massive wave of emotion?

Who doesn’t know the feeling of helplessness, like a fish out of water? Pat Hargreaves dives into these thoughts in “Shipwrecked Shoes”. The wave washes me up onto a deserted beach and then flows back leaving me stranded.

Pat Hargreaves is a New Zealand Singer-Songwriter who with simple guitar sounds, stirring lyrics and an intoxicating voice, manages to rouse the deepest emotions of the listener. His second album is proof of his versatility, while Side A contains a collection of calm reflective songs, Side B is the complete opposite. And it’s exactly this mixture that makes “Shipwrecked Shoes” worth a closer listen.

From the first moment, Side A reminds you of old times, when on a warm summer night you would sit with your friends around a campfire and someone would grab a guitar and play. It’s precisely these feelings that are conveyed in “In my Genes”, “Brightly Shining Stars” and “I Set my Sail”. They are not too heavy, brooding or sad. Incidentally, “Dressed for the World” contains two songs. The first ends after a good six minutes and then remains silent, until suddenly at the ninth minute a new song begins. So don’t simply turn of your player, the second song is worth the wait.

You can read the original review (DE) here: EXIT MUSIC REVIEW

What’s up Pat?

Woo-hoo!!! I finally finished up my Concept EP, “Delilah, you are Wilderness my Child”! It’s out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

So now I’m cobbling together a small tour to promote it. Hope to see you there!!

Next gigs:

Keck – Kiosk 18.06.2018 Basel

Cafe Sein – 05.12.2018 Aarau

Delilah you are Wilderness my Child